The parish of Saint Oswald,  Bedminster Down  was carved out of the parishes of Saint Peter’s,  Saint Aldhelm’s and  Saint Dunstan’s.

On 5th November 1927, the foundation stone of the Church was laid by Mrs Ida Richardson in the presence of the Bishop of Bristol, The Right Reverend George Nickson. 

The architect was Mr P. Hartland-Thomas F.R.I.B.A.  and the builders Messrs Cowlin Ltd.

The Church only took a year to build, and on Sunday 21st October 1928, The Bishop of Bristol assisted by The Right Reverend Ronald Ramsey, Bishop of Malmesbury consecrated the new    Church of Saint Oswald,  King of Northumbria and Martyr.

The Church was converted to a Church Centre and re-dedicated on Sunday 23rd October 1983.

15 years later in 1998, the Church interior was  “RE-ORDERED” for worship as we face the Millennium of our Lord’s birth and beyond.

Brief history of OSWALD

Oswald belonged to a royal family of Northumbria.  For a period of time he had to take refuge among the Scots and was converted to Christianity.  After being victorious in battles, he asked the Scottish elders for a bishop to establish the Christian faith in his kingdom.   The see was established at Lindisfarne.  He was sent Aidan.  Oswald listened humbly to him and  in the early days would translate for Aidan as he preached – this was before Aidan was fluent in English.  Oswald gave land and money to establish monasteries, and also alms to the poor.  Gradually the kingdoms and provinces of Britain were united under Oswald.  Oswald was killed in battle in the ninth year of his reign in 642 AD.

A truly spiritual warrior

Why the Diocese chose the dedication of St. Oswald for the Church on Bedminster Down,   we do not know.

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